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4th surgery??


I have been fighting foot pain for almost 4 years.
Here is what has happened: Jan 2001- twisted ankle, healed quickly (I thought and I forgot about it)March 2001 – primary care dr. said problem in foot was arthritis, so I dropped the matter while pain continuedSpring 2002 – pain began to move up legSummer 2002 -complained again to primary care dr.
who ran tests with no finding for source of painAug. 2002 – began seeing poditrist who diagnosed neuroma and began shots (first to try to revive the nerve and then to try to kill it)Dec. 2002 – surgical removal of neuromaJan. 2003 – pain continuedFeb. 2003 – physical therapy to reduce scar tissueApril. 2003 – surgical removal of another neuroma and bone spur (following surgery a hematoma developed and incision healing was very slow)June 2003 – infection at incisionJuly 2003 – more physical therapyAug 2003 – RSD – drugs, exercise, more therapyNov. 2003 – tendonitis, then capsulitisDec 2003 – continued swelling, began use of custom orthodics Jan 2004 – MRIFeb 2004 – tarsal tunnel release (dr. said he had found site of original injury in my ankle, then I remembered the twisted ankle)March 2004 – continued pain – physical therapyApril 2004 – pain getting worseMay 2004 – MRI – possibly another neuroma, dr. beginning shots again….also, possible planter facia (heal pain since last surgery) and some tendonitis remainscontributing factors: extremely high arch and I under pronate severlyAny thoughts as to what other problems could be there causing the problems?
What else do we look for?
Any thoughts at all?