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5th metatarsal fracture


I fractured my 5th metatarsal about 5 weeks ago playing basketball. The doctor told me that it was a classic Jones break. After 3 weeks i got recasted and the dr. said it was healing quite quickly and would not require a screw which he warned me might happen. I am due to get my cast off in a week and was wondering if there are specfic exercises i could do for a quicker recovery. What kind of timeline can i expect to go back to playing baseball.I know basketball will be much longer.

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  1. i broke my 5th metatarsal jumping three steps of stairs about 5 weeks ago. i have a hard cast on and during the fourth week i was cruching around when i slipped losing my balance on my good leg smacking my casted foot on a concrete floor. immediatley i didnt feel that much pain, but later in the night it throbbed a little, i ced it and everything feels normal agiain, but i want to know if i would of fractored my foot more so or damaged it ..would i know or am i just going to have to wait until i get x-rays?