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5th metatarsal not heeling


I have been seeing a podiatrist for my 5th metatarsal Avulsion Fracture.
I have been in the “boot” in conjunction with the “bone stimulator” for approx. 3 months.
There has been absolutely no progress to date and my Dr. has suggested surgery and also suggested that I get a second opinion.
Do you have any suggestions?
Should I be seeing an orthopedic doctor instead?
Any light that you can shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.


  1. I broke my 5th metatarsal bone 5 weeks ago & have been wearing a walking black boot. I wrap my foot with duct tape when swimming & use a pull buoy (no kicking). Today an x-ray showed little if any healing. I’ll go back in 3 weeks. Any suggestions?

  2. hi i broke my 5th metatarsal nearly a year ago.I was put into a cast for 5 weeks.When the cast came of i start expericing alot of pain when i walked even when i rested the foot.I was sent to phisyotearpy but still had pain.When i went back to see the consulation he told me i had tendernitis, he put me on 6 nurofen a day.A month later i went back and got an x-ray.Another consultion told me i might need surgery and is sending me for a c.t scan.He told me that it has’nt healed right.I dont no who is right.I would appericate your opion.Thank you for your time.Sinead.

  3. If you are describing a Jones fracture, then it is very likely it will not heal. Of course, I can’t be sure, as I have not seen you. Assuming it is a Jones fracture, I would also have treated it conservatively as you have. There is a possibility it might have worked. Failing that, a surgery would then be indicated. As far as who you should see, if you want a second opinion, that would be your choice. As a podiatrist and a specialist in the foot, we see and treat more foot problems than a general orthopedist does.