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6 lumbar vertebrae? please help


I have the 6th lumbar, fused to the sacrum, with the bony extension on one side trying to fuse or already fused to the hip, or near it.I also herniated L5 or L4 in 1994. My advice for what it’s worth. Do every kind of exercise that you can – Aikido, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, bot NOT yoga. Start out SLOWLY.Don’t do any of the ditch digging, bent over type activities – even washing your car and bending over is not good.See a good chiropractor – I’m seeing Dr. Brian Graham in Seattle. Use adjustments to unfreeze your back, try to stay away from surgery (for some people it helps-but shouldn’t be your first choice), only do pain killers temporarily and check out the new machine called the DRX-9000. It can heal herniated disks. Here is a link to it: sensored:// you do, don’t give up. I’m active and well and full of health, happiness and hope. You can get better, I did. It’s just that you will have to maintain yourself – physically and with maybe monthly visits for adjustments.Best of luck to you all.

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