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Abdominal exercises for after hysterectomy


I had a hysterectomy in January & I’m beginning to develop some back pain which I think is associated with weak stomach muscle.
I started riding a bike, but I broke my leg several years ago & need a knee replacement.
The pain has increased in the leg & it is swelling.
What kind of exercise can I do to get my stomach muscles back, but not hurt my leg.
I am also driving 50 minutes back & forth from work & my leg seems to be swelling & having pain around the break points.
Is this normal?


  1. Hi, I had a sensoredl hysterectomy in January this year, three weeks later, I had my left ovary removed and 400ml of fluid drained. A month later the wound turned ceptic and I had to have the skin scraped out, I’m not sure what type of exercise I can do, please help.RegardsRosemary