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On June 29,2001 i was pushed into a wall by a semi truck at work..i hurt my knee and upper thigh..two dr.’s have taken MRI’s and said it shows nothing in my knee and only a slight degeneration in the back(most likely arthritis)they are sending me to the third Dr. for an independent medical exam..what do i do that they are all ignoring my upper leg where the pains strikes and i copllapse..the pain has substantially increased sonce the accident…can a siatic nerve be damaged by this accident…this is really frustrating and painful…Thank you for a quick response.I am 49 years old and worked 13 hours a day up till this accident therefore there was not a previous leg problem


  1. Hello,: Iam interested in becoming a chiropractor if you could please E-Mail me some information on the schooling I would need how long? The basic classes I would need to get started and any other information you think would be helpfull.: Thank you,Haytham