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ache in muscle over shoulder blade


for about 2 weeks i have had an intermittent, but increasingly more frequent numbing/burning ache in the muscle between my left shoulder and my shoulder blade.
It is relieved if i keep my back straight but hyper extend my neck forward (as though my shoulders were pinned back but I am craning forward to see something).
It doesnt stop me from doing any activity, including yoga or pilates, and doesnt interfere with sleep. Rarely it radiates slightly down the arm. No other associated aches or pains.
Is this some kind of nerve entrapment–can i exercise or stretch out of it?


  1. Sounds like the infraspinitus, part of a rotator cuff injury. You could search the web for exercises, but be careful.It can get much worse.

  2. left shoulder fracture , I am 62 years old how long will it take to heal, and will I be able to use it , I drive tractor trl , the dr. said just let heal in about 6 to 8 weeks, if not surgery is next … at the time no work