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Achilles Tendon


I suffer from achilled tendonitis. I run alot but have stoppped for about three weeks. I ran today and again feel the pain in my left foot. I take cataflam and it feels better. Is there a support that will help me get back to running? Thanks


  1. I have just one quick question I’m a student in college and they asked us to build a rehabilitation program for a injured person and I’m wondering if you have a torn achilles tendon is it necessary to have some type of physical therapy?

  2. John,I would recommend that you try heel cups to start with, and stop running until you are totally pain-free. Contunue with the anti-inflammatory medication, but you need to do a lot of heel cord stretching. I would recommend using heat soaks for 15 minutes at a time, three times a day, followed by 5 minutes of stretching per leg. If you use the heel cups, heat, medication, and stretching, you should see relief within a few days. Then you need to continue until you are pain free with walking. Once pain free, you can start back with light jogging (stop if you feel any pain). Once you can jog w/o pain for a few days, you can then try light running. Do this for a few pain-free days, then you can try regular running, etc. Just proceed slowly, and let pain be your guide. Let us know how you do, and good luck.

  3. I injured a tendon in the back of my calf this weekend and I am currious if i need to see a Dr.My calf is notted, but in minimal discomfort unless I attempt to bend it forward. I have good strength standing on my tip toes, but I am compromized bending my foot forward toward my shin. I am in considerable pain when trying to bend my foot forward, particularly in climbing a hill. I was playing basketball when the injury occurred and was in considerable pain with the calf immediately notting. It has improved, but I am concerned if it will gain back to normal strength. What are your sugestions?Thank you,Saul Bauer