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achilles tendon


I have bursitis and tendonitis in my right leg’s achilles tendon for 14 months. I have seen my family doctor, 2 arthritis specialists, and 3 podiatrists.
The physicians’ advice was to avoid stressing the tendon, I have had massage therapy, ultasonic treatment, neurotherapy, acupuncture, waveshock treatment, drugs, and have`been fitted`with plantar insoles, braces, & fabric boots to immobilize the foot, yet I still have the pain.
What shall I do next?


  1. If your doctor decides it is inflammation of the achilles tendon ( achilles tendonitis) as him or her about the Actipatch. A new product which provides therapy at home. Works well in reducing inflammation in most all areas.

  2. Dear Dr. Abrams,I have same problem and done all above tried different anti inflammotary, physical therapy, ultasonic, ice done xrays and mri and all negative however both ankels are swollen and painsfull I can only wear walking shoes with ortho and insoles and bottom of my feet hurt a lot and so are my heels but doctors insists nothing is wrong while i know something is wrong and I used to have lower back pain which stopped since I bought the craftmatic bed so i dont know what to do next ..any advise//tks