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Achilles tendon pain after surgery


I had sugery 2 months ago and now I am having sharp pains in my heel. I am still in a cast and on crutches. My podiatrist told me to elevate and put ice behind my knee !!
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  1. I just had surgery a week ago. I have a cast and really haven’t had to much pain, but today I have been getting sharp pains in my achilles tendon area and it sort of feels like there is pressure on it. I will just be laying still when this happens. Is this normal?

  2. Hi i ruptured my achilles a yr. ago the pain you are having is normal,i had bad pain also : it is just slow painful recovery, my leg would swell up in my cast everytime i would sit up in a chair, if i didnt have it elavated it would swell up, my doctor gave these steroidal pack to take, you take these pills for like a week, it seemed to help a little bit, my best advice for you is to do everything your doctor says, religously do all of your rehab, and all the exercises they say, i rushed back to fast and i am probably going to need resurgery enjoy the cast now cause the real pain is coming when it comes off, good luck, if you need to talk email me.melissaprestier@aol