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achillies tendon


Hi, I recently was told that i have a partial rear in my achillies behind my calf. And that I should just ice it and keep stretching it out. I can bearly walk and i can not move it the way the Doc. wants me to. Do I need an MRI to determin the severity of the injury? One was not recommended. Should I be wearing a brace? Aircast?Thanks for your help. Chrissy


  1. I injured my achillies in a game of rugby two weeks ago. I only thought I had just twisted my ankle as there was swelling around the ankle. I was running back to a lineout and feld a sharp pain in the back of my ankle. I went to the doctors two days later as the swelling had not gone down. The doctor sent me to a orthopidic at the hospital who believed it wasd a ruptured achillies .
    I did not have surgery but was put in cast . The orthopedic is rechecking my achillies next week , where a decision to operate will be made. I cant believe I have fully ruptured the achillies as I was able to walk on it when the injury occurred. I am 46 years old I have never had any major injuries. I atten a gym ever 4 – 5 days a week. I am hoping the achillies is only a minor tear. Can you give some advice

  2. hi, i injured my tendon last june it has got no better and now i have been told it could be tendonitus .what is that thanks for your help .tracy