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ACL pre surgery PT


I tore my Acl and MCl and will be having surgery in 2 months, can you tell me what kinds of strenghtning excercises i should be doing now??P.S How come i never had any swelling like most acl injuries??Thanks in advance,Sue


  1. Hey I tore my ACL too! How did you tear yours? Mine didn’t have swelling either..Well let me know. I have to get surgery when the fluid drains…Thanks,WhittneyLet me know!

  2. Hi Sue, I just had my ACL surgery, and the main thing that they want you to do before the surgery is to get the muscles around your knee as strong as you can without hurting yourself further. I rode the stationary bike and did different kinds of leg lifts w/o much weight to gain back my strength. I hope everything goes well!!