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ACL/PCL question


Hello everyone.
My name is James Brown and i am a professional wrestler.
I ahve torn my PCL completly off of the femur and my ortho doc thinks i may also have a minor tear in my ACL. We also know that the meniscus is almost completly torn on the inside of my knee.(closest to the groin) I am going in for complete reconstruction of both ligaments on the 22nd of september and my doc wants me walking without a limp in no more than a month.
Is this a reasonable goal to try and reach?? Also does the fact that he is going to use allograft cadaver tissue to repair both ligaments help hurt or have no effect on rehab time. thanks in advance for all replies.James Brown

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  1. hi, myname is suresh iam 23yrs ,two months back i have torned my ACL, iam unable to walk strictly, can i walk stedily after acl surgery

  2. I have the exactly same issue with my knee, but from playing professional Rugby. I completely torn my PCL, ACL, Meniscus and strained my MCL. My doctor is the Detroit Lions surgeon and he also mentioned that I should be walking without a limp within 4 to 5 weeks. From talking to serveral rehap spesensoredts and other surgeons, this is a completely attainable goal. I’ve also asked the question about the use of allografts and everyone tells me that it’s better for the knee. Usally they would take pieces of ligaments from the same leg, i.e. petalla tendon and hamstring, which would make rehab a lot more harder, since there will be more stress on the knee. Good Luck!