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adhesive capsulitis


hi,i’ve been on pt for 8 weeks for the subject. results were 80% mobility w/less pain. i was instructed to continue pt at a gym/home. i still have a lot of pain and muscle weakness. especially when lifting straight up, reaching and side-up strength. gaining some strength, but the weakness and slow gain has me frustrated. any ideas on the full recover time. i’m very tired!dave


  1. Don’t laugh. I had it in both shoulder, a year apart. never regained full ROM Started doing Pilates (machine, not mat) Had full ROM in 2 mos.

  2. Adhesive capsulites is a long and gruling road to full recovery. It may honestly take 12 to 16 months for full recovery. But full recovery WILL happen. Be patient. Work for 5 minutes 3 times per day on range of motion. Only strengthen 2 times per week for the next month. I bet you have been overdoing it with rehab and stuff on your own. Relax it a bit and I bet you will see improvement.