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Adult Toe Walker


My husband is 30 years old and has walked on his toes his entire life, to the point that he has NO callousing of his heels since they have never touched the ground.
His feet are extremely wide at the base of the metatarsals — I’m afraid that his feet are spreading and collapsing.
He has had ankle, knee, and back problems which are most likely due to his gait.
And, my God, his gastrocs are huge!
He’s a poor patient — dislikes doctors, impossible to get him to stretch on a regular basis — but I would like to know what kind of prognosis he might have and also what interventions might be possible.
Should we be concerned about future plantar fasciitis?
He just recently said that all his shoes now hurt his feet, so he might be ready to try something new.
Thanks for any input.


  1. Realistically an examination and x-rays are needed to determine the possible cause of the equinus problem. At some point he will need to decide if he is bothered enough to seek a medical evaluation.