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alcohol injections for Morton neuroma


Are alchohol injections helpful in treating Morton’s Neuroma.
What is Bowen Therapy?

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    • I had surgery to remove neuroma about 8 years ago, took 6 week recovery and my 2nd and 3rd toe is numb, but the neuroma was gone. Now, neuroma has developed in next joint, tried 4 cortizone injections to not avail, then I agreed for Doctor to use me as guinea pig to try 3 alcohol injections in 2 week intervals. Pain is gone, I would recommend this before surgery anytime. My other alternative would have been freezing at a pain clinic then back to surgery.

  1. This is an older technique that has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity. The most descriptive article claims a high rate of success using a 4% solution of absolute alcohol in a local anesthetic. Personally, I have not achieved the same high rates of success. Getting the alcohol can be difficult and it does not last indefinitely. I know of no study that tests the use of this or any other injection for neuromas based on the length of time the neuroma has been symptomatic.

  2. I would like to know more about Alcohol injections for Mortons Neuroma-which I have. What % of patients are helped by these injections? What are the injections-chemically? How many are needed for the average patient? One of my neuromas is 4-5years old and has spread the pain clear across to the big toe–is it still treatable? The other neuroma started about 6 months ago, is it a better candidate for injection success. I currently have a surgery appointment by Kaiser in Mid-April, should I proceed? Thanks for your input. Roger Davenport