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A week ago a very heavy glass lid fell on my ankle.
I have no trouble walking etc. but my ankle is still swollen and there is a small bump.
I can press on the bump and it pushes in, leaving an indentation I suppose because of the swelling.
The bump reappears several hours later.
I know when it has reappeared because my ankle hurts as that spot.
When I press it back in the pain goes away.
Is this something I need to have checked or will it eventually be ok.


  1. As a follow up- my podiatrist did an x-ray but nothing showed up. He said if it isn’t better in 2 weeks to return. The bump is still there – 1 week later – and showing no sign of getting better. Actually it seems it has gotten more solid and more difficult to press in. The area is a little tender but no pain and is still swollen.