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ankle and feet pain


I have two things going on and need to know if there are excercises to help me.
My feet and ankles are very tender when I start walking.
If I have been in the car for a while and get out it is almost unbearable.
It isnt a pain it is like a soreness. Also my ankles hurt a lot. They feel weak and ache a lot.
I am 47 and about 50 pounds overweight.
I also have hbp and narcolepsy.
I thought if you knew a little history you’d know how to advise me. Thanks!


  1. i suffer with pain on bottoms of my feet,nimbness,tingling,for years.My Dr. has given me meds. but not helping!My foot Dr. saids surger!Please Help!!!!!

  2. I have been suffering with my feet since I was born. I have flat feet. I had bonions on both right and left, had them out in 1985 and 1991. After a while pain comes and goes. I do walk alot. Know that I’m older I’ve been with this burning pain on my ankles and toes cramp up like claw. I can’t walk like I usto. I don’t know if it has to do with Joint Disease that I have. The pains I’m getting I’m getting worse not better need advise. Also I started pt today and it wasn’t pretty. Podiatrist says I have arthritis on the left foot and toes. So can that be the problem.