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ankle fusion problem


i had ankle fusion surgery on dec 11 cast came off 6 weeks after. i have a walking cast on nowa fter fiberglass cast came off. Why do i have painworse now then when i had fiberglass cast on and i why do i have also have burning pain where plate is in foot thanks


    • I did read your post and all I can suggest is that you speak to your doctor who should know what is going on with your foot better than anyone else. I do not answer every question because I do not have the answers to everyone’s question. People also do not realize that there is much more information often needed than what they post. Many times patients think that all the doctor did was talk and didn’t do anything. Often, after much questioning (some of which many not be obvious) the doctor will have a good idea of what is going on. I am sorry I can not tell you what is going on. Go see your doctor.