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I ‘rolled’ my right ankle twice in a 7 day period.
This ankle tends to roll from time to time while working out.
It has continually grown worse, now I can’t even dance and clown around without rolling it.
It brings me to the ground and I see stars.
It’s still sore after being on crutches for several days. What is the best brace to wear daily that is non-bulky (so I can wear normal shoes)?
I’ve looked at several but wish for a professional opinion.
Money is really no object at this point…I want my life back. Whatever it takes.

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  1. I’m play basketball ankle injuries are common. I am just getting back from a sever ankle injury. There are exercises you can do to help strenghten it. An easy way to find some is to use google type in something like ankle strengthening exercises and a bunch of pages will come up. The best one is ankle circles. This link sensored:// is a link to a place that sells the kind of brace I wear when playing basketball now. I love it and it can fit in your normal shoe. Hopes this helps you.

  2. I know what’s that’s like! Try the Swedo Strap Lock. Also, go to a good physical therapist and see if you can get orthotics that may help. Chances are that you have a high arch that is making you more prone to ankle injuries. I was in a similar situation and those two products improved everything!