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Ankle Sprain


About 4 years ago I was playing basketball and while attempting to block a shot, I came down on the other persons foot with my right foot, rolling my ankle. I tore 2 ligaments on the right side of my foot and stretched another one on the left side of my foot. I had a cast for 2 months and needed surgery but never had it. Ever since I have rolled my ankle on more than 3 occassions… I love basketball and I need something that will protect me from rolling my ankle and at the same time feel as if I’m not wearing anything…


  1. I was an avid volleyball player with the same problem, frequent sprains… now 10 years later i sprain an average of once a month – no lie… find a chiropractor who specializes in extremeties. i get mine adjusted – they numb it if too painful – and then the bones are in place, but the ligaments and tendons can heal correctly – i use an aircast during this time.