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Ankle Sprain/Injury


I sprained my (Left) ankle back in March this year playing tennis. I have not recovered fully from my injury. I rolled my ankle inward a few days ago. My ankle feels sore, I think it may be a 1st degree strain. I have other symptoms too with my foot: namely, flat footed, bunions. I am seriously thinking of upgrading my ankle support which is currently the Neoprene material-type support. Can you please recommend which ankle brace will best suit me.Thank You

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  1. I had injured my left ankle back in August and was having problems similar to what you are describing. I had an MRI which showed I had two ruptured ligaments. The doctor told me if I didn’t have surgery I would have problems the rest of my life with repeatedly spraining my ankle. I had a “Brontrom ankle ligament repair” on December 5. Basically they tightened and re-attached my ligaments so I won’t keep turning it. I hope it works, I would hate to go through all this for nothing! I’ll let you know after I start PT again if things seem any better. Good luck

  2. I injured my right ankle and since that happened I used my left more. Then I did the same to it. Now I can’t get the swelling down on both and they both feel weak. Both on the outside of the ankle. I keep keep turning my ankle outward. What can I do to get the swelling down and strethen both ankles.