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Ankle & calf pain


I am a 56 yr. old female & have been having pain in & around my right ankle & the pain goes up to mid calf. I did go to the dr. & he said i did not have a blood clot, which I was worried about. He said I had achilles tendinitis. He gave me Bextra tabs & I have taken them for almost a week & still no better. I’m not sure what achilles tendon is. I walk everyday & dance quite a lot. It seems as if the pain is centered around the ankle & in one spot mid calf. i also have started intense itching around the foot & my hands. Can you help? Thanks, Anne


  1. I am also experiencing ankle pain, top of foot, bottom of foot and toe pain and calf pain. Sometimes it feels like bone pain, sometimes it burns, sometimes those bones in the ball of my foot feel like they are crunching and broken, and in the morning it is very hard to walk to the bathroom. I am only 31 years old and feel like my lower half of my body is 90!I am starting to get discouraged and need help!

  2. several yrs. ago the bottoms of my feet felt leathery and some numbness,( drs. said something about Myopthesy?) nothing seemed to help, I am not diabetic, lately it has progressed on the left leg up into the ankles and calf, it aches almost all the time, if I walk it gets worse, sometimes it seems like it it slightly swollen, It feels like someone wrapped something too tightly around the ankle and lower leg and the pain goes up all the way up to my thigh I am from Fargo, ND and am in Mesa, Az. right now am having a hard time getting a name of a reliable podiatrist, I called the Pres. of APMA (Barbara Campbell, DPM) of AZ and left a message but received no return call, don’t know what to do next. I AM 72 YRS. OLD AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN VERY GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION.Please advise by email