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Any danger post subtalur dislocation?


I am a 30 year old male.
26 months ago I experienced a subtalur dislocation.
Surgery was necessary to reattach my foot, otherwise no pins or screws.
After 18 months, no necrosis of the talus, so my podiatrist told me not to worry about it and that I was lucky to avoid having my ankle fused.
inversion and eversion range is limited to about 30-40% of what is was, while my forward and backward range (??) is probably around 80-85% of what it was.
My doctor told me to expect problems with arthritis in the future.
I have two questions: What if anything can I do to extend the range and flexibility of my ankle?
What affect will backpacking and extended hiking have on my ankle (besides causing it to swell, become extremely sore and tight for a day or two) and long term mobility?
Thank you very much for your opinion and time,Michael


  1. I can not answer your questions accurately, as I don’t have access to your records or the ability to evaluate your foot. I will however agree that you are VERY fortunate in the outcome and also that it is quite likely you will experience arthritic changes later on. There are custom braces that can be made to help give stability.