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Archilles Tendonitis since November!


Hi Still having archilles tendonitis problem and wearing walking boot when I can. Noticed that the side of my right foot near the ankle where it joins bottom of foot is looking like it went flat and swelling noticed! Could this be from the tendon problem? And much tenderness with the swelling?
Archilles Tendonitis never ending!!!!

Thank-you Much!!


  1. I can’t say for sure. My recommendation is either have an MRI or diagnostic ultrasound so the tendon can be better visualized.

  2. Sarah, Are you describing symptoms in the area of your achilles tendon? If there is significant swelling in the back of the foot with a sudden onset, especially after exertion or even walking, could indicate at least a partial rupture of the achilles. People with chronic achilles tendon problems are more prone to rupture. I would suggest going to your foot and ankle specialist for reevaluation and maybe MRI…good luck.Jon Smedley DPM