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arm pain


I have been working out for about 2 years now and i just started lifting heavy weights with my arms. I also recently have felt a sharp pain running up through the outer parts of my arm. It has been like this for a few days. I dont want to screw up my tendons so that i cant work out any more. so what can I do to heal and prevent this. ps. i am only 18


  1. When they put implants under the muscle they have to cut part of the muscle tendon. Are your breast implants very large? It may be causing stress on ligaments, thus radiating to your arm…or not. Hard to tell without a thorough exam, of which you should go back to your doctor and have him/her take a look. Good luck, Mya: Bobbie Jones

  2. i recently had a breast augmentation, and for the past few days my right arm bicept muscle is hurting so bad.. im not sure if its related to my breast implants, scince i had them put in underneath the muscle, or what it is really… It seems like its a constant pain that just keeps geting more and more painful.. I try and rub it or find a comfortable position to lessen the pain, but nothing is working. Please respond, Bobbie Jones

  3. Sounds like you over did it a little. Lifting heavy loads repetitively can cause injury to tissues. Give your lifting a rest till your painfree and start out with low loads and work up. Rest is really important for you right now and avoiding things that increase the pain. If the pain persists I would go see a doc. Good luck, Mya