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Arthritis In My Spine


Hello I am a 20 year old female and I’m active duty Army. I have had bain pain a year now. I had a MRI done and found out that I have serval bulging disk around my L5,L8 area. I also have degenarative disc disease in my lumbar. I need answers. Can you please tell me a little about these issues, and the possibles and outcomes of have surgery. Thank you for your help. SPC Hickson, Tynita USAR

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  1. Hi, my name is Gino and I’ll be 33 years old in May of 2004. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine a few months back. I was told that it was a minor case but HOLY MOLY!, I hurt like hell all the time. I’m usually ok as long as I’m on my feet but as sooon as I lay down or sit, the pain starts and often affects my sleep. I’m looking into purchasing a magnetic belt for back support. Are they any good for my situation? I’m not over wieght and get plenty of exorcise. Did a lot of power lifting at a younger age and have a lot of major accidents in my life. I figure this is where the arthritis developed from.NEED HELP!