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Athletic trainer in PT practice


Just wondering what position an athletic trainer has in a physical therapy clinic. Can they act as PT aides or PTAs?


  1. Depending on your state, most ATC’s act in a similar role as a PT. I worked in a sports medicine clinic for over six years. We had a team approach. I saw my students from the high school that I covered as my own patient load. I also saw many of our other patients. The PT’s did the evaluation and I implemented the treatment, charted and did the re-eval on the patients. I also sent documentation of the referring physician. I however, did not work as an aide. You won’t find many ATC’s, whom mostly all have a master’s degree to do the work that only requires a high school education. ATC’s can be a wonderful asset to your staff. I also did some marketing to our community to build physician relations and increase our patient referrals with key doctors in our areas.

  2. Athletic trainers are specialized in sports injuries and treatment of athletes. There are some athletic trainers that also have a physical therapy license. Both have similar areas of medical education.