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Avascular necrosis in my talus bone


I shattered and dislocated my talus bone in sept 2003, had 4 screws installed, and have been on crutches since. Two months ago my x-rays showed I am missing a substantial amount of bone on the inside of my ankle and it will probably collapse if I put weight on it without a cast. Last month when I got my regular x-rays my dr. discovered I developed avascular necrosis and I need to wait 6 months to see how or if it heals before we decide what actions to take. As of right now I can put a small amount of weight on it, but it doesnt feel right and I think it will collapse if I put too much. I have maybe 15 degrees of movement up and down but 0 side to side.
Is it possible that my bone will heal in the next 6 months? If not what options do I have to repair it? Is it likely that I will ever be able to walk without aid of a cane or crutches?My dr. mentioned something about fusion surgery but did not elaborate. Does anybody know what exactly this is?

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  1. There is not alot of good news here. A fractured talus is not easily repaired. Later on, if the AVN (avascular necrosis) persists, fusing the ankle may be the best route to take. Of course, you might want to get another opinion as this would be a final step.

    • It is difficult for me to give you a fair assessment of your situation as I have not examined you nor have I seen your X-rays. The doctor who is treating you is the best source of information for this. You can also request a copy of your x-rays and get another opinion.Fusing your ankle might be described as making the best of a bad situation.

  2. Would ankle fusion leave me disabled? Would this limit the amount of walking/standing I can do?Also, it was origianally diagnosed as a bad sprain until I saw a speacialist 5 days later and had emergency surgery that day. Would waiting 5 days possibly cause any of my problems?