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Back and Love Handels


My whole life I have struggeled 3 major problem areas and no matter what i do i cant seem to get results in these areas. The areas are my lower back, love handels and lower abs. I’m not sure why i only gain weight in these spots, but its so frustrating because they will not buge. Can anyone offer some advise???Please help!!!


  1. I have had a problem with that before and i made it look better by doing cruches not sit ups but crunches and jogging/walking. if you cut out carbs from your diet you will drop weight too. do side crunches by lying on your back and then turn your legs to the side so its like lying on your side but the top half of you is flat on your back and do a cruch. this should help your oliques. one more thing try eating dinner before 6:30 and no late snacks because that will put weight on.

  2. : I have also had the same problem area’s recently and dont know how to get rid of them, i would also like to be informed on how to rid myself of these problems