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Back and stomach pain


I recently had gallbladder surgery. Following had severere pain radiating from back around rib cage and eventually creates severe stomach pain. Or it starts and radiates out around rib cage.
I have been tested repeatedly for stomach related things and all has come back negative.
I have a tingling right now in the middle back on the right (where the gallbladder pain would radiate out) however when I sit at the computer or in certain positions the pain can become intolerable.
My question is there any possiblility this could be a back related pain.
Say from a disc or something. Often when I have these attacks my husband will find I am severly out of place. Anyway I am looking for answers. Any clue?

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  1. No clue and neither do my doctors. I am 7 weeks post-op. I can’t eat any protein, dairy or soy without having the same pre-op pain. I have many tests done, even a biopsy with no resolution. The thing is my pain is the same as yours. I am positive that I don’t have back problems. I am wondering as bad as my gallbladder was, was that the issue in the first place. I have tried Maalox, Zantac and Protonix nothing works! If I stick to plain baked potatoes, crackers and white rice, I’m okay, veggies and fruit are ok too. Anything else, like lean meats sends me over the edge for 6-24 hours.