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Back cracking position


A friend from a while back would crack my back maybe once a year, which is the time frame I start getting some back and neck aches. He would crack my back by standing behind me and lifting me, but I can’t remember the exact position he would have me put my arms in order to lift me. I used to feel very comfortable because he wouldn’t use brute force. He would lift me and then bend a little backwards and squeeze me. This would make by back crack from the base of skull down to the lower back.So, my question is “which is the best position for having a friend crack my back”. Thank you,


  1. Popping your back in this way often does not truly fix the problem, rather it releases pain relieving chemicals to temporarily relieve the pain. I recommend unless your friend is a chiropractor, that you consider medical adjustments, rather than continuing to damage the healthy part of your spine.

  2. : : Thank you,This is what I do to my friends: I have them put their left arm across the front of their body so that their elbow is pointed out foward, as if they were trying to scratch behind their right shoulder. Then, they put their right arm in the same position (going across the body, so the hand is at the left shoulder). The arms should be on top of each other, and the elbows should be fairly even. Now, they slide their arms down from their shoulders slightly so that they are just hugging the sides of their shoulder. I go behind them and put my left hand on their right elbow, and right hand on their left elbow. They need to be calm and relax (I usually ask them to breathe slowly) and I also find it helpful if they try to keep their feet on the ground and bend back (as oppose to sticking their legs out in the air). When they exhale, I pull their elbows outwards while trying to compress their body towards my chest. I know this is probably very dangerous for me and my friends to do, but it makes our backs feel better and less painful. We are all athletes so we get a lot of soreness 🙂 This helps.

  3. I need my backed popped really bad. My friend Victoria lays on my sensored and pops my back. IT FEELS REALLY GOOD!!!! Is that where he needs

  4. it can be done from the front or the back. For the way you described, have your friend stand behind you, cross your arms, touching your bicep with either arm. Have them reach around, and take a grip. once you have taken about 1/2 a breath, he should lean back, squeeze and lift all at the same time. Once should do it. I have done it alot more than once a year for years. And it works great. Just dont squeeze too hard.

  5. i crack my wifes back using the same method. Interlock your fingers behind your neck, and pull your elbows down as far as you can to the sides of your chest, this will pull your head down… have the “cracker” lol, stand behind you, and embrace you. Having his/her arms around you level, (just above your elbows), squeeze their chest into your upper back and pull their embrace tight. At this time you should exhale and let your body go limp. They lift you straight up with a slight bend of their back and the weight of your lower body will pull away from the top weight that th “cracker” is holding. Thus making the relaxed spine pop from bottom to top and vice versa. Im not a doctor lol, and I dont know the long lasting effects of this good/bad. But I do know, it feels GREAT.

  6. heyy .. i crack my friends back and mine all the time the way ur talking about is .. well i cal it the hugging method .. it helps if ur friend is bigger then u they just stand up n so do u he moves backwords n that releaves tension from ur vertabrays, another way u could try is standing back to back interlock arms then tell ur friend to touc his nose to his knees . ( tel him not to foreal just that mostion) or he could walk on ur back or just apply pressure .. thankk you

  7. hello….my girl friend has been having back problems with her lower back,and i dont know how to crack it for her. she cracked it once before and it felt alot better afterwards. She is a dancer so she is extremely flexable, if u know of a way i could help her with this please give me an email at thank you very muchJoe

  8. My personal opinion is that there is none. Yes, no back cracking technique or position is Best, they only place order of Worst to decreasingly less destructive.WORST Less BACK BREAKING: Side ways this will usually only crack one Disk, at first, then turns into multiple cracking.NOTE: READ my response to “Chest Cracking” Subject on this Message Board, regarding my personal experience.