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Becoming a Physical Therapist


I’m 18 yrs old and thinking about going into physical therapy.
I was wondering what type of education you need to have and what type of trainging you need. Also could you tell me your likes and dislikes about you’re job


  1. What are the steps into becoming a Physical Therapist. Meaning the levels that you must go through before becoming a physical therapist

    • I wanted to know about becoming a physical therapist,so I find this site where I could email people that are a physical therapist.

  2. Hi! I am only 14 years old, but I am very intersested in becoming a physical therapist when I get old enough. I was wondering if anyone knew some things about it that would help me. What the pay is? What the hours could be? What exactly would I be doing? What type of sschooling would I need? What is a good school to attend?Please give me some help! Thanks