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bicep injury


I participated in a 60 minute circuit training session on Feb 6th. I am a 31 year old active female who works out 3-4 times weekly… and for many years. Each station was a 2 minute cycle. Several stations were isolated bicep curl with 5lbs free weights & 12.5 lbs curl bar as well as over the head tricep excercises & flat chest press. In the next 2 days I experienced tightness with mild pain in the left tricep & bicep… good pain, I thought… because it was tolerable. On the 3rd day I developed localized swelling to the medial & posterior brachial aspect of the arm, which progressed. I immediately iced it, started anti-inflams & elevated at bed time. Day 4 the swelling had reduced some what… but I was very concerned, so I saw a GP & PT. They were boggled that the swelling was only localized & that I have 90% ROM & my left arm extension is limited by only appx 10 degrees??? I also have NO bruising! I am having U/S tomorrow to determine if it is a tear in the muscle or tendon… and to determine if it is bicep or tricep. I understand that bicep injuries almost never occur in females, why is this?My only explanation for this type of injury occuring is that I worked out too intensly without warming up properly.

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  1. i have a liht lump typ thing at the bottom of my bicep. canreally feel it when i flex and it feels like there is a line running through the muscle at the bottom of it. no bruising just a small bit of pain and u can feel it when doing certain things. can still exercise but have stopped. any ideas cant feel t unless muscle is flexd

  2. I had this same thing happen. I was taking a similar class about 3 days ago and yesterday by bicep was swollen and my range of motion has decreased. I have no bruising but my bicep is really swollen. Please let me know what you found out from your doctor!!!