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bicep tendon


Re: husbands torn bicep tendon–should this tendon be reattached, does it have a function? will it function if its reattached?


  1. : : : I had mine 4 weeks ago.I will start therapy soon.My problem now is my wrist hurts and swallow fingers and wrist Why???.: My cast came off after 6 weeks, after that my fingers and especially wrist were stiff & weak & maby swollen slightly. I believe this is mostly due to imobility of the cast. Even after therapy you will notice the hardest thing is using a can openier. My doc says that motion takes the longest to re-gain. After 9 weeks now I feel great but still depressed cause I was once pretty into weight lifting but your average person would be perfectly content. Hang in there your wrist & fingers will improve.: Andy, thank you for responding my question. I feel better now. I am not into weight lifting, but very active with home proyects and work. Thank you again.RC

  2. I had this done two weeks ago, when I went in for a new cast my arm felt numb and flabby. I am hopping this is normal cause of the surgury and cast? I must keep a hard cast on now for four more weeks. I am currently doing some lite arobics but doubt seriously can lift any weights for quite some time now. Any advice?

  3. i tore my bicept tendon at the elbow and had the reattachment surgery Aug.15. i was in a cast for 10 days and then a sling. i’ve been doing flex type exercises and will start lifting exercises (starting w/ two lbs) in a couple weeks. this lifting will continue for a couple months before complete recovery (6 mos, but i think i can do it in 3-4). the surgery is a must!

  4. I just has surgery 2 weeks ago to re-attach my bicep tendon to my shoulder…and I was at work the next day, at the gym the next day (not using the arm), but started using the arm today for exercises.Yes, it was fully detached from my shoulder….had to cut in, grab the tendon, drill holes in my shoulder and re-attach with screws.

  5. man, i am scheduled for that same operation in two days. I tore my bicept tendon and I was wondering how long it will take before I can go back to work again? I heard three to six months…does anyone know? e-mail me if you can…thanks