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bicep tendonitis


Hi, I have been is pain for 6 months. I finally got in to see the pt. She told me that it is treatable and will get better. Is this a fact? Will it bother me down the road if and when it gets better? Any info. would be much appreciated.Thank you,Paula


  1. Paula,There are too many variables, and lack of information about you condition for anyone to give you that sort of an answer. The ones that should best be in a position to do so are your Orthopedist, and your PT. I am not sure why it seems to have taken you 6 months to get to see a PT? Did you see an Orthopedist, or were you seen by a Family Practitioner or Internist? If you are not making progress with your rehab after a couple of weeks, I would suggest that you get a second opinion from another Orthopedist.