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Bicep/tricep pain


I have had pain in my upper arm for 3 months now. In early February I had a cellulitis flare up. I had an MRI which showed a small mass and an ultrasound showed it was fluid filled. My doctor and the surgeon both told me this was not consistent with any type of cancer.
The anti-inflammatory meds that I’ve taken really don’t seem to help. It’s a dull achy pain from my shoulder to my elbow but seems to “burn” or ache in my upper arm. They are now saying it could be tendonitis. I’m in the dental field and use my arm alot. What does this sound like to you?


  1. In a game I had the other day a girl caught my left arm and pulled it. It hurt for 5 minutes but I kept playing. Then the past couple nights I have experieced shoulder and tricep pain and it hurts with any movement of my arm. What should I do? How can I stop the pain?

  2. I was doing weights and i was doing the JM press, I have not done this before, and now 4 days later I have tricep pain at the top near the shoulder and halfway down the tricep. I was wondering do i go see a doctor/spesensoredt or is it because my muscles were new to that exercise or just the workout.

  3. My daughter is an active 11 year old who plays soccer and is always doning catwheels, handstands, etc. Recently she joined Little Leage and after each practice, usually at bedtime, has been experiencing severe pain in her right arm between her elbow and shoulder. So far our treatment has been painkillers, heat and massage. This treatment appears to help only to return after each practice. Could this be tendinitous(sp.)? I’d like to know other types of treatment.