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Big Toes


My big toes are not aligned correctly.
I recently saw a podiatrist and they took some x-rays.
The x-ray showed that the bones in my feet are straight until you get to the “interphalangeal joint” in my big toes, and then the bones angle toward my other toes.
I have had trouble looking up information in the internet for this problem – but from what I can tell, it is called hallus valgus interphalangeous.
Due to the abnormal angle in my big toes, all shoes rub my foot and create large callouses.
The podiatrist I saw said he could fix the deformity with surgery – but would not comment what my foot might look like after surgery.
Of course, my biggest hope for the outcome of the surgery would be to walk and exercise without foot pain – but being a female I would also like to know what to expect my foot to look like.
Will there still be a bump on the side of my big toe? (I assume not, or it would still rub in my shoes).
Will my feet look more normal??
(I would love to be able to wear sandals without the awful comments from strangers about my feet).

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  1. Hallux Interphalangeus is what you are likely describing. The goal of surgery is to realign the toe so it functions in a more normal position. You doctor should give you a more detailed explanation so you are comfortable with your decision. Good luck.