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Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture – rahab


I’m finishing up my 3rd week after surgery for a bimalleolar ankle fracture and would like to know what type of rahab I can expect after the cast comes off. Also, is there any type of exercises I can start doing now that would help?

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  1. You can expect ankle range of motion…like ankle circles, moving it forward and back too. They will probably do some massage and what’s called joint mobs. They will also look at your walking and correct any deficits. Right now you can start doing straight leg raises (on your back, right side, left side and on your stomach..keep your knee straight and raise leg up about 12 inches) toe wiggles (if you’re able), sitting on the edge of the bed and straightening your knee, lie on your stomach and bend your knee. This should keep you busy…good luck.