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Bimalleolar Fracture rehab


If there is a middle aged woman, who has a bimalleolar fracture, which she has has had surgery on and it is now 6 weeks past the intial time of injury, what therapeutic modalities would be good to use? She is able to put all of her weight on it,has stiffness, aching, swelling,and skin is dry and flacky. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I have a bimalleoler fracture on my rigt foot. Surgery was open reduction & internal fixation. It has been 6 weeks since surgery. At 8 weeks I will start using the foot & leg. How long will it be before good enough strength for safe comfortable driving & getting around independently? I can move my toes and my ankle up & done & to the side some. There is still swelling.

  2. i have scars all over my legs, my friends say but vitamin e on them, but that hasn’t done anything. when i get cold, my legs turn purple and look really nasty. how do i get rid of them?