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Brace for patella maltracking


Hi thereI’m currently awaiting a lateral release operation for patella subluxation in both knees. In the mean time I’d like to get a brace which is a bit more effective than the ones I’ve been using (standard neoprene open-patella brace with no added strapping etc). One of the problems I have is that the donut part of the brace puts pressure on the patella (even though it’s obviously meant to sit around the knee cap).I was thinking of getting either a Palumbo patella stabiliser or a Bio-skin Q brace but I’d be really grateful for any advice/recommendations. I don’t see my surgeon again till the operation and completely forgot to ask him in my appointment.ThanksAdeline


  1. I would recommend the Q-brace by Bio Skin. If you want extra warmth and are not allergic to rubber the Shields support by hely weber is a good choice.