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I’m looking for a specialist that has proven success performing the surgery procedure to correct brachymartatasia. Can you recomend anyone in the US?


  1. Hello I too have this problem but cant find anyone in canada to do the surgery…. can any1 help. I wonder what it would cost?Thanks John

  2. Hi Joy, I had the same problem. I did a lot of research before I decided to lengthen my two short 4th toes. I found many surgeons in the U.S. who can do this procedure. I live in Canada and had to travel to Michigan to see my doctor. I have been on crutches for 7 months and it is a VERY painful process. I am very happy with the results but did experience complications which are common.

    • I found someone on the internet that fixes them without having to use an external fixation device. His website is leepodiatry.You may want to check it out.