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breast reduction and firming excersices


I am 46 years old and my breasts have always been large.
However, after having three children they began to “fall”.
Surgery is not an option for me, since i simpley do not have the money to pay for it.
I am praying that i can somehow use excersice to not only “reduce” them by (1) cup size, but also lift and firm them at the same time?
If there is anything i can do to help myself, i would appreciate any advice you may have for me to try? Thank you for your time and patients………Sincerely, rose

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  1. hi…good day. i am 29 yr old and my breast size is 22″. and it has also sagged a bit. it would be really great if u could let me knwo the exact type of excercise i could do to increase my breast and to firm it up. thanks 🙂