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broken ankel/tendons


I broke my ankel on 5-14-04. I had surgey that day and was in a cast, then a boot for a while. Then I had therapy for about three months. Today a year and a half later my ankel still swells every day and by lunch time I am limping and can’t walk good. In the mornings are after I sit down for even five min. Iam stiff again and have to limp around more. Iam 39 and was use to being evry active it has realy been hard for me to adjust to my change of life. I just went to another Dr. for a second apenion. He said my foot is a reck. Now he thinks all my tendons are just wore out not only in my foot with the broken ankel but the other one as well because of the stress that has been put on it to compusate the other foot. I am going to have a mri this week. Any suggestions, will I ever be able to return to my old self or will it bother me forever?

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  1. If you are not better by now, then there may be something else going on. I suggest you return to your doctor for further evaluation.

  2. I think getting the MRI is a good start. I really can’t say what the future holds for you- possibly surgery, possibly bracing. At least you are acting on this problem. I hope you get better.

  3. Hi I have been diagnosed with Sesamoiditis an injusry sustained whilke playing football. What is the best way to help cure it or make better. I have rested for a long time, its been over 4 months and still sore.