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broken collar bone


My son broke his collar bone sking febuary 26,2006 he went to the clinic at park city when it happenedA and they did the xrays and put a sling for his arm. he is still in a lot of pain, does he need to have it wraped better to heal. it is in just a sling, he is having a hard time moving, should i take him to a orthopetic doctor, and get second opion.


  1. I broke my collar bone several months ago and I wore a brace over a 6week period. I never went back to see if it healed properly. I still have a bump on my shoulder but, the doc I went to said that was permanent. I do still have some discomfort some days. It feels strange and I can’t really sleep on that side because the next day it bothers me. Is all of this normal?

  2. my boyfriand had a motorbike accident on Friday and as a result, broke his arm and collar bone. He is in alot of distress, he’s unable to to get comfortable, lie down or get any sleep, he is alot of pain. He has been to the Accident and Emergency department who put his arm in plaster and just put a sling on his arm along with a course of Painkillers. Is there anything we cn do to relieve his pain as the above mentioned don’t seem to be working?

  3. It wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion. If he broke his collar bone he should not be lifing his arm over his head. IT would also be helpful if he could get it taped by a certified kinesio taping physical therapist. You can go to to find a skilled therapist in your area.