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broken collar bone/ sternum


Son broke collar bone3places .Broke a pieceawayfrom his sternum.Will he need surgery?

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  1. My son fractured his right collar bone during an ice hockey game. The alignment of the two pieces is out. It seems that the part connecting to the sternum was dislocated, causing the miss-alignment. The doctors we saw till now did not seem to notice this. Can it be re-aligned without surgery? What is the next step? The fracture happened about 12 days ago. He is wearing a sling and shoulder brace.

  2. I was hit by a drunk driver last August / 06. I suffered a severe lasseration to top right portion of my head just right of center and at the crown, a bruised heart and broken sternum. I was knocked unconscious and awoke as the vehicle came to a halt (we rolled twice and I did not have my seat belt on) and my son yelled for me to exit the car. I suffered severe dizziness/ spins (clock wise) when laying down, looking left or right and upward for a period of five months. I still have pain when coughing, sneezing or getting up from the bed in my sternum which often “pops”. How long does it “typically” take to recover from these types of injuries? Thank you.

  3. i suffered a pretty heavy hit to the sternum,knocking me down and when I layed face down it was excruciating. Does this mean it is cracked or broken? Is there a treatment and should I go to the hospital? could it just be a simple thing or can it wait? I live many miles from a hospital and would rather wait til tomorrow

  4. ineed some help my sternum is unstble and dilocates 2-5 times a day even w/ very guarded movement and the pian is on the level of inducing shock the drs just keep passing thr buck and no course of action or non action has been estb. …2.08.05 iwas in auot acci.rsulting in 3frac.vertinneck,9inbach multi ribsany and all help greatly needed thanks

    • My brother has a broken collar bone and is playing in his football game tomorrow, i do the taping and wrapping of the team and would like to know step by step how to tape his collar bone/ shuolder to supports it moreDana