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broken cuboid


..i’m trying to find out about closed reductions of cuboid fractures.
I recently had a compression fracture of my right cuboid.
Does anyone have any information regarding this sort of injury and the time it takes for recuperation?


  1. I think I fractured my cuboid about a month ago jogging on uneven ground, then 2 days ago I braced myself from falling off a bike and broke my cuboid. I’m now in a cast from toes to knee for the next 5-6 weeks, I went online looking for exercise I can do in cast and found this posting.Learn from my mistake and baby your cuboid until it is repaired.

  2. Christopher, I was just recently diagnosed with a cuboid compression fracture. Are you aware of how you fractured the bone? I think I might have done mine throught jogging or as the result a a significant amount of walking my wife and I did on a trip to Europe over the summer. I have been very frustrated with it because the pain that I have associated with it isn’t getting much better. Do you find this to be true with yours? Also I have been searching the web for info on cuboid compression fractures and have found nothing. I’ve even looked in medical textbooks and came up empty. My doctor said it is a very solid bone that does not fracture very often but at times it can. Any how since you posted this have you found any information and if so could you please refere me to it. Thanks.Scott