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broken distal fibula


had a broken distal fibula and i just got my cast off (feb. 10, 2006). i’m wondering what it should look like, mines still a little swollen on top of the foot and a little around the inside of the ankle, and what the process and timeline for a full recovery. should i have full range of motion? how much weight should i be putting on it? any advice would be appreciated as i’m a college student that is trying to recover without paying any cash. oh! i did wait the proper time (8 weeks) to remove the cast.


  1. to be honest this was a fx. of tib, fib, and crushed ankle post 11-12 yrs. chronic pain hardware removed 2 yrs. postop.talus necrotic. 0 joint remains bone on bone but i have movement that shocks every bone man i’ve seen. now tibulotalar joint on latest x ray. does thismean the necrosis is heading up the tibia?????

  2. I broke my ankle 2months ago and its still swollen and painful, xray a week ago shows that the crack is still there, please advise

  3. also he says The fibula actually non weight bearing and handles less than 10% of your weight. Some people actually function fairly normally with a middle portion of the bone missing.

  4. i have just had a distal fibula broken in my right leg 3 day,s ago and it hurts like mad.Are you still in pain after 8 week,s?i am in england so i dont pay for medical treatment the doctor,s told me to come back for another xray in 2 week,s but he has told me not to weight bare.he has told me the full healing time will be about 12 1/2 weeks.