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i FELL OUT OF A TREE AND BROKE BOTH MY HEELS AFTER MY SURGERY I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WALK FOR THREE MONTHS AND THEN I START THERAPY. Are there any exercises that i can do everyday to help keep my legs in shape for walking until i start therapy


  1. i want to no wat i can do to stregthen u my musclesi have dislocated 1 of my heel bones and broken the other!!!!!!!!i am in cast!!!!

  2. I was in a car wreck in october 03, and broke my heel into numerous pieces. My main concern about walking again was the fact that your tendon in the back of your ankle(achilles) wants to draw up making your foot point downward , if you can keep your feet exercised maybe this wont happen . such as just sitting and pointing your toes towards your knees as far as they will go . I had to be in bed for a long time due to an infection i got so while in bed i did a lot of leg lifts and holds.I also had torn rotor cuffs (shoulder ) and couldnt use crutches at first so my good leg and foot got really strong just lfting myself around. Hope ive been of some help. You will be strong enough to walk even if you dont get much exercise but i think the main thing is that acillies tendon, i am still trying to stretch mine out to where it should be!