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Broken knuckle?


During training on a punch bag, I missed and made full contact with a corner of wood, (badly placed bag aside) I have GSCE’s right now, and not being able to write will have a very considerable effect, I need to know if it is broken and what to do as my parents seem to think that a hospital visit is pointless- Index finger pain, no throbbing Heavy swelling- very limited movemen, when tryed- pain is definite.
swelling further down the hand near the thumb.Please, If anyone can help, my GSCE’s are important, as is my knuckle/hand. thanks.


  1. Hello. i recently got frustrated whilst weight training and very very stupidly punched the iron bar and caught it with my “wedding ring finger” knuckle (i.e knuckle next to little fingers knuckle) It didnt hurt at all at the time however has recently started to ache (the day after) there is swelling to the knuckle and slight bruising. do u think i have broken it,shattered it or what? wat can i do to help healing or do u think it may be just bruised?many thanks,JOE COOK